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Review: Bleeding Out by Jes Battis

Review: Bleeding Out by Jes Battis

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Bleeding Out (OSI, #5)Bleed­ing Out by Jes Bat­tis

My rat­ing: 2 of 5 stars

Woof, I made it. I wasn’t sure that I would, as this novel started out nor­mally and devolved into a stream-​​of-​​consciousness mess. I was seri­ously moti­vated to keep going, though, because I read the rest of the series and this is the last book in it.

So I pushed on through, got to a bit of light in the tun­nel, and then there was more muck. Really, Mr. Bat­tis — this is a pop­u­lar work! Or did you just feel like, “Hey, this is the end of my con­tract, I can do what­ever I want…” That’s the feel­ing I got, hon­estly. It doesn’t moti­vate me to pick up what­ever Bat­tis pub­lishes in the future.

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  • Ick. Sad to see a series end on a lame note.

    Hope you're having a great birthday!
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